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Tyler, Texas

About Tyler, Texas:

The city of Tyler, about 100 miles east of Dallas in northeast Texas, is located in the heart of what is often referred to as “The Bible Belt”,  due to the large Southern Baptist influence in the region (we won’t get in to the fact that the Catholic Church actually wrote the Bible).

Up until the 1870’s, Tyler had few Catholics….and distrust toward Catholics was high, but when the railroads came to the city, they brought with them a number of immigrants from predominantly Catholic countries, especially Irish and German Catholics. To serve these Catholics, missionary priests made journeys on horseback from Nacogdoches and Palestine to minister to the steadily growing community.

About the Catholic Diocese of Tyler, Texas:

The Diocese of Tyler is a strong Catholic presence in this mostly protestant area, with a Cathedral and both a Catholic High School and grade school within the city of Tyler.

The diocese includes 33 counties and 23,443 square miles of Northeast Texas. The territory is divided into 52 parishes and 14 missions. The total population of the diocesan territory in 2022 was approximately 1.5 million, of which about 120,000 are Catholic (8%), according to U.S. Census estimates.

Catholic Places of Interest in Tyler, Texas:

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church

Holy Family Chapel Oratory of St Philip Neri (Winona..outskirts of Tyler)

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