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The Benedict Trail

Shrine of Our Lady Altotting, GermanyAbout “The Benedict Trail” in Germany:

The Shrine of Altötting (the Black Madonna) in Germany is often called “the Lourdes of Germany” in recognition of the many healings reported there.

The region around Altötting has a pilgrimage riding…or walking…path dubbed “The Benedict Trail”, connecting the places where the late Pope Benedict XVI spent his youth.

It is a circular bicycle path about 150 miles (245 Km) long.

The Benedict Trail begins in Altötting at a small tree outside the Church of Saint Conrad, now known as “the Pope’s Linden Tree”. The tree was planted by Pope John Paul II on his visit to Altötting in 1980.


The Benedict Trail is about 150 miles (240 km) long and starts and ends in Altötting.

It is broken up in to five stages:

Stage 1: Altötting – Neuötting – Marktl – Emmerting – Burghausen
24.1 miles (38.8 km)

Stage 2: Burghausen – Tittmoning- Waging am See
28 miles (45.9 km)

Stage 3: Waging am See – Traunstein – Seebruck
22.3 miles (35.9 km)

Stage 4: Seebruck – Seeon – Gstadt am Chiemsee – Eggstätt – Amerang – Wasserburg am Inn
36.4 miles (58.6 km)

Stage 5: Wasserburg am Inn – Gars am Inn – Aschau am Inn – Mühldorf am Inn – Altötting
41 miles (66.1 km)


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