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Check those gun laws when you travel

A warning for Americans who own guns…or ammunition…. traveling to other countries:

Many countries have much stricter gun control laws than the U.S.  We encourage those of you who own guns…especially hunters..to double check, and triple check your baggage before leaving the country.  Even one overlooked bullet or shotgun shell can cause a great deal of trouble.  And (hopefully) it goes without saying….leave any weapons you own at home.

A warning for Americans traveling to the Turks & Caicos:

The territory of Turks and Caicos has enacted strict new laws, with a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 12 years for carrying guns or ammunition.  Here is an example of how a simple mistake can land someone in prison for a very long time:

Article courtesy of Fox News:

Ryan Watson from Oklahoma is behind bars there and has a bail hearing on April 25. The Oklahoma man was arrested when airport security found bullets in his luggage, which he says he brought by mistake.  He is now facing up to 12 years in prison for having ammunition in his carry-on bag at a Turks and Caicos airport, according to a GoFundMe page for his family.

Ryan and Valerie Watson, the parents of two young children, were flying home from their island vacation, where they were celebrating a friend’s 40th birthday, on April 12 when they were arrested at the airport.

“They had their lives turned upside down when they tried to return home, as local airport security found four rounds of ammunition unknowingly left in a duff[le]bag from a deer hunting trip,” a description on the family’s GoFundMe page states. “It was not noticed by TSA when leaving America. Now, they are facing a legal system that is unfamiliar, daunting, and expensive that operates differently than the American Justice System.”

The U.S. Embassy in the Bahamas issued a travel alert in September 2023 telling Americans not to bring ammunition to the islands.

One tip for U.S. gun owners traveling abroad that we like:

For hunters and shooters in general….have a separate bag for guns and ammunition….and be sure to leave that bag at home! That way you are unlikely to end up in the situation described above.





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