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About us

The Catholic Travel Guide is designed to be a place for Catholics to get useful information about destinations and more from a Catholic perspective.

Those big travel websites are great for giving general information and reviews (we read them ourselves) but let’s face it, many of those people writing the reviews are not Catholic and often don’t know about…or care about…many of the Catholic sites in the areas that they are visiting.  So Catholic travelers end up missing out on the signifcance of many of these places.

For example, you might find a review concerning Siena, Italy, that describes the city and some sights to see, but hardly any mention of Saint Catherine of Siena or the Eucharistic Miracle there.  It can be frustrating for people to find  the exact information they are looking for.

We hope this website will help others to find the many Catholic shrines and places of interest throughout the world.

We encourage you to be a part of this project by sending us your suggestions….we have contributors from all over the world, and you are welcome to participate.

We do have ads on our website….they help us defer the expenses.  You can also read about our advertising policy here.



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