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You requested it….. a travel website for Catholics!

Why? Like us, you have probably been frustrated by the lack of reliable Catholic information on most travel websites.  Sure, they offer reviews and useful information, but rarely cover them from a Catholic perspective…..and sometimes miss the significance of these places entirely.   This inspired us to create a travel website designed for you, the Catholic traveler.

First hand information, little known tidbits and great travel advice from experienced Catholic travelers enable you to incorporate your Catholic faith into your travels. Whether a pilgrimage, a vacation, a cruise, a business trip…wherever you travel….or even in your home town…..you are likely to find a place of interest. So use this site as your personal window to the Catholic travel world.  You can read more about us here.

Trip Planner: We suggest you start here. Discover little-known tips & practical advice: Group vs Independent travel, Choosing a Catholic Tour Company, Travel Insurance, Airport Chapels, Destination Weddings for Catholics, Currency, Passports, Train Travel Tips and much more.

Destinations: find places in various countries popular with Catholic travelers–and some little-known destinations as well. Descriptions, maps and contact information for Catholic shrines & places of interest around the world.

Cruises: Take your faith with you!  Ocean Cruises, River cruises, Barge Hotel cruises, Finding a cruise with a Catholic priest on board, Wedding Destinations, etc.


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Calendar of Catholic Events: find Catholic Festivals, Special Events, Retreats and Conferences around the world. Have an event you want listed? Just fill in the form on our calendar page or send us an email.

Catholic Travel Blog: great place to get the latest travel news, Catholic wedding venues, news of Pope Francis and stories from fellow Catholics. Guest bloggers are welcome!

The Catholic Travel Guide Store: shop for Catholic gifts, Monastery Wines and more.   In most cases we earn a small commission, which helps us keep the lights on, so please take a look! (will open in a new window, this page will stay open).

The Resources page: offers you a number of external links to sites that provide you with useful travel information for both Catholics and non-Catholics.  Be sure to visit!

Join in:  Want to be part of this project?  We have a comments section on each page, and we welcome any input you might have…tells us your experiences, offer suggestions for other Catholic travelers.  If we had 50 people working 50 hours a week, we still could not cover all the wonderful Catholic shrines and places of interest in the world.  But we will try!

We are always looking for additions to our website, so we welcome your suggestions!  Want to post on our blog?   Just drop us an email.

Oh…and about those ads you see on our website: they help pay the rent….
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  1. I am looking for a site or way of connecting with solo female travelers who are Catholic ( value daily Mass,etc). I’d like to travel to different places not necessarily a traditional Catholic pilgrimage spot. Any suggestions? Thank you

  2. Can you recommend a van service w driver who can drive us from Barcelona to Madrid to Lisbon and Fatima? Travel dates Sept 26-Oct 14,2019


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