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Those Monks knew a lot about business practices! Just check these out

The following is Courtesy of “The Catholic CEO”

Many think that western business leaders invented business concepts…..This is not correct.

Followers may guess my views on the monastic life.

Monasteries invented data storage and retrieval systems. They were called libraries. They also didn’t need photocopiers – they had their own copiers.

Monasteries invented business governance practices. What is a chapter but a town hall meeting? What is an abbot’s council but an executive committee?

Abbeys invented fund-raising. How do you think they built the great abbeys of Europe? Very little of the money was “borrowed”. Abbots had to work the room long before corporate America thought of it.

Conservation? Green practices? Circular economy? The monks were doing this 1500 years ago. There’s nobody in ag-tech that can build a water recirculation system like the monks. There’s nobody that can get that extra inch of hair on a sheep like monks can.

Crop science? Crop yield? Hah. They still run circles around people who can’t even grow crops on the same land for more than about 50 years. They do centuries of crop yields from the same fields – naturally.

Business management systems. The monks were doing it long before the invention of double entry bookkeeping.

Staying out of bank debt. The monks were doing it long before anyone else realized the debt trap of usury.

Five star hospitality? Well, I don’t mean rooms like in luxury hotels. But for care of the pilgrim traveler, even at great inconvenience to them, they still have short term rental accommodations beat.

Ride sharing? Hah. They had a network of wagons and watercraft to take goods to market before some business guy thought of it.

The long view? Abbeys are built for a thousand years. They are beautiful, unlike the glitzy towers of today’s utilitarian monstrosities.

Radio and electronic communications networks. Okay, maybe not as fast – but they could get a message across Europe before anyone or any current tech, at the time.

The knowledge economy? They didn’t need Chat GPT or AI. They had “real I”.

Corporate structure? CEO. CTO. CFO. CMO. Treasurer. Hah. They had those 1500 years ago!

Investigations into employee theft, missing inventory, and other misdeeds. No need for such things. The monks have a process called “Chapter of Faults”. Check it out.

Company security. Nope. They’ve had 1500 years of knights and templars. Way before the idea of a police force came into being.

Finally, remember that the monks invented the university system, the hospital system, and the welfare system. They kept the culture alive in tough times, and will do so again in our era when it all collapses. Or when the asteroid hits!

I could go on.

You can learn more about “The Catholic CEO” here.

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