Catholic Shrines & Sites of Interest in the United Kingdom: (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland)

Christianity came here in the First Century and spread throughout the country over the ensuing centuries. The Church and the Crown became closely inter-related. Henry VIII was once a defender of the Faith, but after the Pope refused his request for a divorce, he became one of the Church’s greatest enemies.

The faith was brutally repressed for over 250 years, severely punishing and executing Catholics and resulting in many martyrs, but the faithful did persevere.

In the United Kingdom some important sites of interest for Catholics include the following:


Aylesford: The Brown Scapular & Shrine of Saint Simon Stock

Bedford (Turvey):  Turvey Abbey

Canterbury: the Shrine of St. Thomas Becket

Consett: Minsteracres Retreat Centre

Faversham: National Shrine of Saint Jude

Glastonbury (coming soon)

Isle of Wight: Quarr Abbey

London: Westminster CathedralSaint Dominic’s Parish and Our Lady of the Rosary Shrine

Ramsgate: Shrine of Saint Augustine

Walsingham: Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham & the Slipper Chapel

York Minster: Cathedral and Tomb of Saint William of York


               Northern Ireland

Belfast: Clonard Monastery



Motherwell: The Carfin Grotto (Our Lady of Lourdes)



Cardigan: Our Lady of the Taper