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Hereford, Endland: Tomb of St. Thomas Cantilupe

About Saint Thomas Cantilupe:

St Thomas Cantilupe was Bishop of Hereford from 1275 until his death in 1282. He also served as Chancellor of Oxford University and was involved in high-level politics as the Lord Chancellor of England. He was canonised in 1320 by Pope John XXII.

About Hereford Cathedral:

The shrine of Saint Thomas Cantilupe is located in the north transept of Hereford Cathedral and is still an important pilgrimage destination.

Traveling to Hereford Cathedral:

Hereford is about 140 miles northwest of London.  You can travel by car, of course and also either by train or bus from London (surprisingly, both take about the same length of time:  about 3 1/2 hours.)

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