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Houston, Texas Area

About the Catholic Church in the Houston Area:

The city of Houston is part of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.  Although the population of Houston far overshadows the city of Galveston today, at one time Galveston (just 25 miles away on the Gulf coast) was a major city in Texas, while Houston was much less important. The Diocese of Galveston encompassed the entire state of Texas, was ministered to by Bishop Odin and ten priests. In 1874, the Diocese of Galveston was split when the western half of the State of Texas was established as the Diocese of San Antonio.

The economic engine that was Galveston changed after the hurricane of 1900, which basically destroyed the city of Galveston and its economy. Today Galveston is a major cruise port as well as a popular vacation destination. For more about Galveston and the Catholic churches there click here.

Due to the tremendous growth in the city of Houston, Pope John XXIII designated the city of Houston to be an episcopal city, effective on December 24, 1959. Thus the Diocese of Galveston was henceforth to be known as the Diocese of Galveston-Houston. This did not change the status of the city of Galveston as an episcopal city established in 1847, the first such city in the state of Texas. With the elevation of Sacred Heart Parish to a Co-Cathedral, it became co-equal in rank with Saint Mary Cathedral in Galveston. With this designation, an episcopal chair was also installed in Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral.

Here are a few Catholic places of interest in the Houston area:

Houston proper:

Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham (Anglican rite Catholic Church)

Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

The Passionist Retreat Center

Nearby Houston:

Dickinson:  Shrine of the True Cross

Friendswood: Mary Queen Church (La Salette Fathers mission church)

Galveston:  Many Catholic places of interest plus cruise port.


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