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Why all the interest in Garabandal?

Garabandal:  A warning and prophecy for our time?

Garabandal, SpainLately we’ve noticed a lot of interest in the tiny village of Garabandal, Spain which is located in the province of Santander and high in the Cantabrian Mountains of Northeast Spain.  Garabandal was a sleepy village in 1961 when reported apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary (preceded by Saint Michael the Archangel) to four young girls took place. Important messages for the world were also given to the girls at that time. Not that long ago…and yet the messages or apparitions have not been approved, nor disapproved, by the Church.

The “bottom line”, from what we understand is:

1. A worldwide warning where everyone sees their soul as God sees it (an illumination of conscience).

2. A miraculous sign to be left at the Pines here in Garabandal within 12 months of the warning.

3. A final chastisement if mankind does not repent.

For those not familiar with Garabandal, check out our page here.

But why all the interest now, some 60 years later?

Perhaps it lies in the fact that so much of what we took for granted in the world has recently been turned upside down.

For example:

Covid-19 response:

In some countries churches have been closed under the guise of “preventing the spread” of Covid, but bars and clubs providing so called “adult entertainment” have remained open.  Meanwhile economies have been destroyed, families torn apart and people live in irrational fear (ever seen a person driving in a car alone with a mask on?).  Australia has set up “internment camps” for those with Covid-19, in England people have been arrested for holding outside church services and we could go on and on.

Destruction of traditional Christianity:

Homosexual behavior is being normalized and even encouraged, especially to vulnerable young children. The U.S. non issues passports for non-binary people….you don’t have to declare yourself male or female. They want you to “follow the science” but not when it comes to physical reality, apparently.

Socialism and Marxism are promoted as ideals, even though there is no evidence that either has ever worked.  No..countries such as Sweden are not Socialist…you can read this article from a former President of Sweden.

In the U.S. racism is raising its head in the form of “anti-racism”, which is in itself a form of racism, since everything is seen through the prism of skin color.

Attacks on the family:  everything from our schools to our society aim to diminish the importance of fathers and the family unit.  The first target of the Devil.

Division within the Church:

Even within the Church there is division:  why did Pope Benedict XVI resign, why do not more priests and bishops speak out against the sin of abortion; why does the Vatican some times seem to embrace ideologies not in keeping with Catholic beliefs?  Why do some Catholics not believe in the True Presence of the Eucharist?  Why does the U.S. have a nominally Catholic president who pushes abortion?  The list goes on and on with no end in sight.


So what has this to do with Garabandal?

It is no surprise that people are beginning to think that these things cannot continue and that we are approaching a time when God will intervene in a way similar to what has been foretold by the children in Garabandal.  Of course, this is not unique to Garabandal, since others have predicted such events as well.

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