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The Prophecies of Our Lady of Garabandal, Spain

Serafin & Paquita Gonzales of GarabandalAgain, we emphasize that the apparitions have neither been approved nor condemed by the Church. The prophecies are fairly specific, at least as far as the warning and the miracle are concerned.  In talking with the villagers, most notably Serafin and Paquita Gonzales (Serafin…now deceased…was the oldest brother of the visionary Conchita and was witness to many of the events that took place in Garabandal).  He is shown in this photo on the left and his wife Paquita is second from the right.  Here is what they had to say:

First would come a world-wide warning:

An “illumination of conscience”, that would allow everyone over the age of reason to see themselves as God sees them. This would apply to all people everywhere. It would be as if the earth stood still for a few moments–even planes in the sky.

It will be very short-lived as it will no doubt be a very intense experience for everyone. No one will necessarily die from it, but everyone will experience it.

This is an opportunity given to people to amend their ways and is a purification to prepare the world for the miracle that will follow.

Only one of the seers, Maria Loli, knew the exact date of the warning, but she died in 2009 and so far as we know she did not reveal it to anyone. Mari Loli did say that the Blessed Mother told her that the Warning and the Miracle are within the same year.

Events leading up to the world-wide warning prophesied in Garabandal:

There is no definite date given for the warning….at least none of which we are aware.  However, there are a few clues.  One of the girls said it would be during a Synod in the Church.  She had no idea what the word “Synod” meant…..she just repeated what the Blessed Mother had said.

Visionary Conchita Gonzalez said that prior to the warning, the pope would visit Moscow (editor’s note:  not just Russia…specifically Moscow) and that, upon his return, “hostilities will break out in different parts of Europe.”

Then, within the next 12 months, will come the Miracle:

In October of 1961, Our Lady promised, first to Conchita and then, later, to the rest of the girls, a Great Miracle. On January 14, 1963 Conchita was told the date of the miracle.  Conchita says that it will occur in March, April or May (between the 8th and 16th)….. on a Thursday at 8:30 p.m local time…. and it will last 15 minutes; however, a visible sign will remain in the pines until the end of time.

The sick present will be healed, sinners will convert, and non-believers will believe. Conchita knows the date of the Miracle and will announce it eight days beforehand.  Conchita said that the Miracle will coincide with, but not be connected to, a rare event in the Church (such as the proclamation of a Dogma). Conchita has said that this event has never before happened in her lifetime.

Others say it is on the feast of a Saint related to the Eucharist (not Spanish)–so we are not sure what the correct version might be.  Some reports said a young martyr of the Eucharist…..our research has never found anyone who can substantiate that, so we assume that the age of the martyr was not revealed; however one possibility could be Saint Tarcisius, a young martyr of the Eucharist whose tomb is in Rome.

Conchita knows the date of the miracle but that is not for public knowledge.  She will announce the miracle 8 days in advance.Conchita emigrated to the U.S. where she got married and lives in New York City.  She is the mother of four children.

The miracle will be a permanent sign left in “the Pines”, a small stand of trees overlooking the village as shown in the photo .

The sign will be able to be seen by the Pope, wherever he might be; it will be permanent; and will be proof that God does exist.




After this, if people still do not repent, will come the Chastisement.

You must remember, however, that these were simple children at a time before cell phones and satellite TV, who had never even been out of the village and had almost no contact with anyone beyond their little hamlet.

It is worth mentioning that Padre Pio was a big believer in Garabandal, having had an apparition of the Blessed Mother in March of 1962 in which she told him about the girls and the apparitions…and the fact that the girls would be doubted.

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Click here for testimonies from the family members and neighbors of the visionaries……In Spanish…will open in a new window, this page will stay open.


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  1. In my opinion by the great warning she is talking about COVID-19, because when all churches were closed down we were able to understand the state of our soul. That is our sacrifices are displeasing to God. As for the miracle in pines, we know that pines are symbolic of able to withstand numerous climates. I think it represents our lasting faith in the times of trials.

    • According to the Garabandal visionaries, the warning will be much more than simply closing down churches….as bad as that sound. For a few seconds, even planes flying in the sky will be in suspended animation….also, we will see our souls as God does….and that will apply to everyone whether they believe in God or not.

        • Apophis 2029 (2004NM4), magnetosphere down shortly before pole shift. CME concurrent with warning. Miracle on feast of St Tarcius/ Dormition. Announcement during Dormition fast. Original thought was in spring because of flowers in bloom, but with change in weather (Beaufort Gyre), besides, if Blessed Virgin could have Castilian roses on Tepeyac hill, she could have superbloom in the pines.

        • Warning just before 2nd anniversary of start of war. 45 days of lent for people to repent. 5th Marian dogma will be her “crowning”/ miracle. 3 days of darkness after nukes. Heinrich event to knock off electricity. Apophis and concurrent “lavage”will be end of age. 40 years exodus/ hardship. Only youngest of age during chastisement will survive to see dawn of new spring and era of peace. Nuclear harm and sun’s radiation to cause mutations to adapt to new atmosphere and when sufficient biosphere regenerates there will be similar to Cambrian explosion of new species.

      • I would hope that the Church come to a conclusion regarding the authenticity of the Aparitions at Garabandal long before the warning. These are scary times and the Satan has a very strong hand on this earth. And with the knowledge of Project Blue Beam, which can make it to appear as a miracle in the sky is already begun in the media.

    • The Illumination will be much more than that. It will be a “stopping” of time and we will not “reflect on our sins” but will be SHOWN our sins and our failures as Christians. I’m not taking these prophecies as symbols but as fact.

  2. It could well be October 2023, according to what it’s known from the revelation of Garabandal. First the Sinodal meeting in Oct 2023, and then what the Bleesed Virgin Mary said about the 3 remaining Popes – Paul VI, JP 2 (She said she didn’t count a Pope, JP1, that would die very soon) and then Benedict XVI, who hasn’t still died – Francis would be the forth the moment Benedict dies.

    • I think April 10 2025
      St. Michael de Sanctis – young saint associated with Eucharist. This date follows Oct 2024 conclusion of the synod where any likely Dogma announcement would follow thereafter

      • There is some confusion as to whether it will be a young person devoted to the Eucharist or a young martyr of the Eucharist. If it is the latter, then St. Michael de Sanctis was not a martyr, so he would not be the one. But, as I said, there is some confusion here. My thought is that we are not meant to know in advance, but to “stay awake” and look for the signs.

        • I think that she is talking about a Latter Day Saint as foretold by Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort. That is because of her description as the saint will be a little known martyr.

    • Saint Michael de Sanctus. His feast day is celebrated on April 10th. In art and images he is usually depicted kneeling before an Altar where the Blessed Sacrament is exposed. The municipality of St. Michael de Sanctis, Quebec, Canada, is named in his honor. April 10 2025

    • In my opinion by the worldwide warning she is referring to COVID-19, because when all the churches were closed down we were able to see the state of our soul, and how pleasing are our sacrifices to God. And regarding the miracle, I think that the miracle is within. It is our faith in God despite the current crisis in the Church. She also told about a sign in pines, we know that pines are symbolic of able to withstand numerous climates. I think that by she is referring to our perseverance in Faith during persecutions.

  3. I guess we won’t really know when this event will take place? God only knows! I’m sure it will happen, I wish when it does happen, I could be there! ??

  4. Even mother Mary said in one of the apparitions to the visionary that the church will not approve the apparitions as they will be so much confusion… I Pray our Lady of Mt Camel to give me that opportunity to live Cameroon my country and visit Garabandal and Fatima where our lady appeared… From my spiritual experiences, this apparitions took place for real… Even the sgigmatist, Padre Pio said they will believe when it is late…

  5. The saint associated with the Eucharist could be young Saint Carlos Acuttis who was recently made a saint. He He prayed the Rosary every day from a young age; made his first Holy Communion a year early and then attended daily Mass thereafter; cared for the homeless each night; traveled regularly to Assisi; loved the saints; learned computers to design websites to spread his love of the Eucharist and Mary and to teach about angels. His feast day his 14th of October.

    • The only problem here is that Carlo Acutis is not a saint….he is a blessed, which is a step along the path to sainthood. A miracle due to his intercession would have to be approved and then the cause for his Canonization could proceed. Of course, that could happen before the miracle…we really don’t know when that will be. If so, then he would certainly be a likely choice, although I believe that the saint was to be a young martyr of the Eucharist, but Carlo Acutis was not a martyr.

      Check out our page on Carlo Acutis here.

    • My thoughts were immediately Saint Carlos Acuitis as well. His existence revolved around his love for the Holy Eucharist. Glory be to God. Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen

      • He was a Visigoth in what is now Spain, young, and a Eucharistic martyr. Conchita said he is not of Spanish heritage but, technically, he lived well before the peninsula was unified as Spain. His feast day is April 13th. I think the miracle will occur on his feast day. April 13, 2034. It doesn’t fall on a holy day that year.

  6. The Oct. 10 2021 Mass, which officially open the synodal process. The synod will be held October 2023.
    This may be the Church event that was talked about in Garabandal.
    That is interesting. It puts 2022 and 2023 in perspective.

    I also saw Conchita on TV years ago in New York. She said “March, April, May, then said, “could be June”. When does spring begin and end.

    • The miracle is due to occur at the same time as a joyful event in the Church…one that has never happened before in Conchita’s lifetime. Not sure if the Synod quite qualifies as a “joyfull event”….maybe it does and maybe it does not.

      • I am not a disbeliever or believer in these apparitions. I look at at seers from the apparitions at Fatima Lucy who survived to lead an adult life was so inspired by the Blessed Virgin went on to a religious life. Saint Bernadette so inspired by seeing the blessed Virgin went on to a life also devoted to Jesus Christ. These children grew up moved married with little effects of seeing the Blessed Mother. Like the others in Medjugorje the seers went on to make a business out of the apparitions . This is why I hold back from fully believing. Seeing the Blessed Virgin would be the most holy experience and life changing. I don’t believe such a devout honor would lead anyone to a normal life.

        • It could be argued that there is no higher calling than to be a wife and mother…and there was certainly no emphasis put on the children to enter the religious life. Insofar as profiting from the apparitions, I don’t see any evidence to back up that theory, and in fact they endeavored to keep their lives private.

        • I dont know much about Garabandal but I failed to blv Medjogorie after hearing Ivan speak. I wasnt convinced grom what he was saying. I then heard he is living in Hollyhood I think and is martied to a model something I couldnt understand. I expressed the same sentiment, expectected it to be life changing like with Lucy and Bernadette. I dont think I will be able to lead a normal life after seeing our lady

          • Ivan does not live in Hollywood. He married the former Miss Massachusetts, Laureen Murphy, in 1994. They have four children and live in Boston for six months out of the year and then reside the other half the year in the parish of Medjugorje.

            I don’t think I would consider his life normal…very hard to retain privacy.

        • So you condemn ‘normal’ life? This is part of the problem. Conchita was told to marry. St Francis told one of his followers to marry. Jesus began His public ministry by turning water into wine at a wedding. And proclaiming a message without a commercial aspect is simply impossible.

        • Marriage is a very holy vocation. Mother Mary was married to Joseph. Sainthood is not just for people who are obedient to God via Religious life. People doing God’s Will in any state of their life or their calling in life are or could be just as inspired by Mary.

    • Conchita has said in 2 video interviews that I have seen,
      “March April and May”, and “April May and June” – So clearly March and June are excluded. It’s either April or May. If some people think the miracle will be on holy Thursday it will be in April some people think that the model of the Eucharist is in May so then it would be May

  7. I think Little Li, the Chinese martyr of the Eucharist from the Boxer Rebellion could be a good candidate. Give that China is a communist country and The Blessed Mother has always talked about the conversion of Communists. Also, the fact that she was only 10 years old and returned 32 days in a row (one for each year Her Son walked the Earth) to perform adoration and pick up each Eucharist knocked to the for and died after being shot and crawling to put the final Eucharist in her mouth. Thirdly, we know she made her Holy Communion in May (one of the months mentioned) but the exact date is not recorded (this happened thereafter) but God surely know the exact date. Finally, the soldier who killed her repented his actions after and said over her dead body, “if in every town there was such a little girl, no soldier would ever fight for the Communists!” This act of repentance is what Garabandal is about.

    • Hi Teresa, sorry for my ignorance but you mention Mary constantly talking about communism. This is new to me, could you give maybe 5 examples where Mary talks of communism. Thank you.

      • Hi Chris,
        Fatima- the children were instructed to have the 1917, Pope
        consecrate Russia to prevent her from spreading the errors of communism. Unfortunately, the Pope saw no need to do so as Russia was a Christian country. By the time the Pope recognized his error Russia was on the verge of going Communist and soon WW1 began and then communism spread to China and WW2. Wars that could have been avoided had the Pope heeded the message.
        Here are five reasons:
        N. Korea
        And God forbid USA.

        • The consecration was not asked for until June of 1929. Pius XII did a consecration but was not universal one. John Paul also did a similar one. Sister Lucy said it was accepted but that is debated. Russia feigned a falling only to trick the world into getting money and now is threatening to start WWIII. Maybe the Great Warning will be this year and the Pope will be moved along with the Bishops to do the consecration.

  8. Yes I do believe this very much & there is no dough in my mind that it the present state we are in Bcoz very thing has has come to a stop & ppl can’t get into a church may be the miracle can happen on the 16th of April 2020 or14th of may 2020 just my thinking

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