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Catholic weddings in Italy


One of the most requested destinations for weddings is Italy:  Rome….or Florence….or Venice….or perhaps Tuscany or the Amalfi Coast.  The choice of romantic locations would appear to be endless.  Of course, many couples choose Rome as a natural place for their wedding.  For Americans in Rome, you have your own parish:  Saint Patrick’s.  They have wedding information on their website.

If you plan to get married in Italy, it is imperative that you use a good wedding planner based in Italy. Our recommendation is ItaliaCelebrations.  Brenda Babcock founded this company in 2004, after formerly being with Chanel and then later with Vera Wang.

Be sure to check out their website for lots of information & reviews.

Photos courtesy Italiacelebrations.

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    • You can check with your pastor, but I believe that renewal of vows is not what it is called. It is the rite of blessing of a married couple found in the Book of Blessings. In this rite there can be a repeating of the blessing and exchange of rings but it does not include a renewal of marriage vows.

      However, the renewal of vows has become a popular way to celebrate an anniversary, and many Bishops and Pastors have jumped on board with this idea as a way to help celebrate traditional marriage. I think most priests, given the national trend in dioceses, would be willing to accommodate the request.

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