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Tom & Sue’s pilgrimage Day #1 May 17th

Good afternoon,

We made it to Charlotte and depart for Paris in a couple hours.  I  wanted to e-mail to thank you for the 100+ responses we got for  Julia.

A lot of research has gone into our pilgrimage.
A lot of research has gone into our pilgrimage.

Susan and I had all we could do not let loose and start yelling at  each other.  I was cool because when she sees the mountains we are going  thru she is not  going to be happy.  This is not to mention the  candid camera shots of her doing last minute cleaning.  Mum’s the  word.

Finally airborne....nothing to do but relax now.
Finally airborne….nothing to do but relax now.

We got on the plane this morning and after a cocktail I went into the deepest sleep I have had in weeks. Our schedule before leaving was  maniacial, to say the least, and the final 2 hours this morning were touch and  go.

Tomorrow we travel about 3 hours to our hotel with a stop in  Bar-Sur-Siene, 2 hours from the airport.  It is an important shrine of Our  Lady of the Oak which I will explain tomorrow.  This is if we get in,  because Monday is the only day they are pretty much closed.  We have had  a few of those before.

Because I have nothing to report and on days that there is not much  information to send I have decided that I was going to enclose excerpts  from a very special book that I recommend to everyone. “THE MYSTICAL CITY OF  GOD”,which is the about the life of our Blessed Mother as  God commissioned Mary of Agreda to write.  The condensed version is  800 pages and the full version is 2800 pages and both are available on Amazon  books for around $2.

Don’t miss this book.  It has opened my eyes to the mysteries of our  faith
and helped clarify many questions that plagued me for years.

Blessings, Tom & Sue

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