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The Pilgrims Have Landed

Bon Jour:

Well we made it…..and it gets harder every year!  Sat in the plane for an hour before they moved and  Business class was great with the reclining beds if they only had room for my other leg.  The service  was also good, right on thru customs, which literally took 2 minutes.  Then the luggage, 30 minutes later and we headed for Avis and the you know  what.

Well 40 minutes later we loaded the BMW and headed out.  You’re saying  what happened to the Mercedes?   Well the crooks tried to put us in a VW hatchback that wouldn’t even fit our luggage if we even tried and I wasn’t going there.

They claimed they were the same class of cars, and they didn’t have  any Mercedes except the one I saw 3 cars over in slot 23 from the VW. When I went out again to the lot the Benz  mysteriously disappeared.  They must have towed it since they said it wasn’t theirs and they didn’t have  keys.

Not what I was expecting, but still very nice.
The BMW was not what I was expecting, but still very nice.

This happened to us once before in Paris so we knew the drill.  We got  theBMW for 1/2 the difference of the higher price and when  I come home I willfight them again as I have before and get the difference  back.  Oh, by the way,the BMW is really Pretty Nice.

The church at Bar-sur-Sein
The church at Bar-sur-Sein

We went to Bar-Sur-Siene anyway since, as I told you we doubted we would get in and it was on the way.  Suprisingly we did get in to the really old Church of St. Etienne.  This is were the icon of Our Lady was taken after it was found and every day it would end up back in the oak tree in the woods. They  finally got it and built a chapel around the oak where She was found and where She happily remains today.  Unfortunately, the chapel as the well of the holy water well were locked.

With less than an hour to our B&B we headed there after a quick stop  for supplies and tonights’ lite dinner.

Sue fired me from the packing job....now she is taking over and things will be much better organized.
Sue fired me from the packing job….now she is taking over and things will be much better organized.

We had to reorganize the luggage since I started packing a week ago and couldn’t remember where I put anything. Sue fired me and I’m not allowed to pack anymore. Susie has us ready and as the sun goes down so do we.

We are exhausted, but can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventure.  A good night’s sleep, and we will be as good as new.

Until then,
May the grace and peace of Christ be always with you’

Susan and Tom


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