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This priest says I can get married wherever I want

Most brides…not sure about the grooms….long for a beautiful wedding ceremony in a beautiful setting.  And certainly there are many gorgeous venues in which to hold the ceremony.  But gosh, those darn Catholics have so many restrictions!  Or some people say so.  There is a reason that, of course.   To be validly married there are certain restrictions, because Marriage is one of the Seven Sacraments of the Church (can you name the other six?). 

Google “Catholic wedding venues” and you come up with more than one so-called Catholic priest or bishop who says, “don’t worry….we can do it your way”.  Whether these people are well-meaning or are just purposely misleading you to make a quick buck, we cannot say.  The fact is that they cannot offer you a Catholic wedding.  In most cases they claim to be associated with an Orthodox Church or some unknown body (the word “contemporary” is sometimes used) and have no legitimate status within the Roman Catholic Church.

One tip-off might be the fact that telephone calls are accepted, but not emails.  Hence, no paper trail.  No way that the priest, or whoever, can be held accountable since nothing is in writing.

 So it’s not so easy to get married in the Catholic church, but that is for a reason.  As mentioned previously, marriage is a sacrament, and the location for the wedding is more than just a pretty backdrop. The Marriage Rite should take place during the Mass and the place for celebrating all Sacraments is a Catholic Church. Only rarely will a Bishop allow a dispensation.

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