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Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI returns to Vatican

It was announced on Rome Reports that Pope Benedict XVI will be traveling from Castel Gandolfo, the Papal summer residence where he has been living the past several weeks, to his new permanent place of residence–a convent within the Vatican Gardens on Thursday, May 2.

Those of us who had the opportunity to watch his departure from the Vatican to Castel Gandolfo were blessed with about an hour long view of his trip through the Vatican Gardens to the helicopter pad, then his flight over Rome to nearby Castel Gandolfo and finally his arrival at Castel Gandolfo as entered in and the doors were closed.  It was an amazing and emotional journey, probably one we will never see again in our lifetimes.

Now he will be taking that trip in reverse, around 5:00 p.m. Rome time.  We aren’t sure if it will also be televised as was his departure but will let you know if we find out.

Tours of the Vatican Gardens have been suspended since Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI renounced his title.  We don’t yet know if they will still be suspended but hopefully at some time they will re-open the gardens for tours.

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  1. I watched the departure on EWTN–it was a very moving hour or so. Probably something I will never see again, or maybe it is a trend and I will see it again. The departure, flying over Rome and then landing at Castel Gandolfo was really great. I hope that they will televise this as well, but it will not be as moving as his departure was.

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