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Is it safe to travel there right now?


What a question….sound familiar?   How often have you heard this comment after excitedly announcing your decision to travel to a certain destination?  It seems that as soon as you make plans to visit somewhere then things start to happen: a bombing, an earthquake, or the local populace going on strike.  And of course the media is all over whatever sensational news there might be. That’s how they make their living!

 Well, having been in that position more than once, here is how the conversation usually goes:

Your family, co-worker, or friend comes to you with that worried look and says “Are you sure it’s safe to travel there right now?”  Did you hear what just happened?”     “Shouldn’t you put it off?”  Or, better yet, “why do you want to go there in the first place?” 

Here is what usually unfolds after this question is asked:

 Phase One:  You try to ignore the question and change the subject.  This almost never works!

Phase Two: You point out that whatever concerns they have are really not that valid, and you are more likely to be struck by lightning than come to any harm wherever you are going. Such a comment gets raised eyebrows, a shrug or a look that tells you they think you are just plain crazy!

Phase Three: This is where it gets tricky—you really want to tell them to just mind their own business, but how can you?  They’re really only concerned for your safety and well-being—— or are they? Consider this, what sounds like valid concerns for your safety could just be a touch of envy that you are willing to get out of your comfort zone, something many people are unable to do.  

So don’t put off what may be a once in a lifetime experience: go ahead with those travel plans.  Follow your heart, who knows where it might take you.

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  1. This is so true. I first went to Medjugorje in 1990, when the country was still called Yugoslavia and the Communists were in charge. They tried to discourage pilgrims with helicopters flying overhead and police making it difficult to travel. My friends and family members tried to talk me into cancelling, but I did not take their advice and went anyway. Was a major turning point in my life. The spiritual growth I experienced help me to get my life back on track. Had I listened to them, I would have stayed home and missed out.

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