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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Catholic Shrines & Places of Interest in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


The Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers meet and form the Ohio River in the heart of Pittsburgh. The 19th century was the age of steel and the three major rivers made it easy to get coal from West Virginia up the Monongahela to Pittsburgh, which became the logical place to build steel mills.  The need for workers attracted many immigrants from Europe….and the majority of these were Catholic.  They brought their faith with them and built many churches,  often settling in enclaves where their fellow immigrants had come befor them.  Some districts were known for their nationalities, and others for their commercial significance.

“Troy Hill” generally refers to the historically German neighborhood atop the Troy Hill plateau; “Polish Hill”, obviously, where many Poles settled, The “strip district”, on the other hand, probably got its name from the strip steel mills that used to line the river.  Millvale is a suburb of Pittsburgh.

One of the oldest Dioceses in the U.S., Pittsburgh has five churches of unique historical and spiritual significance:

Most Holy Name of Jesus Parish (Troy Hill) coming soon

Immaculate Heart of Mary (Polish Hill) coming soon

Saint Anthony Chapel (Troy Hill)    largest collection of relics in the world for public viewing (outside of the Vatican)

Saint John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Church  Byzantine Rite Roman Catholic

Saint Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church (Millvale) Magnificent murals by Croatian artist Maxo Vanka

Saint Patrick (Strip District)

Saint Sanislaus Kostka (Strip District)