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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: The Pittsburgh Oratory & Newman Center

About The Pittsburgh Oratory & Newman Center:

The Pittsburgh Oratory of St. Philip Neri was founded in 1961 and serves as the Newman Center for the students of the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, and Chatham University under the auspices of the Oratorian Fathers (The Confederation of Oratories of Saint Philip Neri, abbreviated C.O.). Note that Oratorians dress similar to that of diocesan priests; however, the black cassock is worn with a distinctive Oratorian clerical collar: a white cloth that folds over the collar all around the neck, with a number of folds inward, indicating the particular oratory from which the priest originates.

The Pittsburgh Oratory and Newman Center cultivates lifelong relationships with Christ in local university students and lay faithful of Pittsburgh through participation in the sacraments, devotion to the Word of God, and formation of intentional Catholic community, following the spirit of St. Philip Neri and St. John Henry Newman.

Newman Centers are a place for Catholic students at secular universities to gather and create Christ-centered friendships, get involved in campus ministry, and participate in various events which enrich and deepen their faith lives. The Newman Center in Pittsburgh is unique in that it is integrated into the Oratory, which provides students access to the sacraments and ministry of Oratorian priests and brothers.

Mass and confession are offered daily.  The Oratory also has Perpetual Adoration.

Visiting The Pittsburgh Oratory and the Catholic Newman Center in Pittsburgh:

Address:  4450 Bayard Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Tel: +1 (412) 681-3181    Fax: +1 (412) 681-2922

Click here for the official website of The Pittsburgh Oratory & Catholic Newman Center.

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