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New York City: Basilica of Regina Pacis


About the Basilica of Regina Pacis:

Located in the Bensonhurst area of Brooklyn, the parish was home to many Italian immigrants. In 1942, the congregation made a vow to build a shrine to the Blessed Mother for the safe return from World War II of the men of the parish, as well as the whole country.

Following the war, construction of the Church was begun in 1948 and completed in 1950. It was made of marble imported from various parts of Italy, and had a statue of the Blessed Mother over the altar. In 1952, two diamond-studded crowns, personally blessed by Pope Pius XII, were attached to the statue

Then, just 8 days later, tragedy struck….the crowns were discovered to have been stolen. Members of the parish and those of nearby parishes prayed for their return. One day, about a week later, they arrived in the U.S. mail. It was considered a miracle.

Over the years the ethnic make-up of the parish has changed, and today many attend Spanish-language Masses in addition to those in English. There is a full range of devotions, as you might expect in a vibrant parish such as this one.


Traveling to the Basilica of Regina Pacis:

Address: 1230 65th St, Brooklyn, NY 11219, United States

GPS coordinates: 40° 37′ 35.8212” N, 74° 0′ 11.3184” W

Tel: +1 (718) 236-0909

e-mail: reginarectory@aol.com

Click here for the official website of the Basilica of Regina Pacis.

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