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Catholic Shrines & Places of Interest in New York City

Nicknamed “The Big Apple”, New York City has long been the center of finance and more in the U.S. Although in recent years other cities have challenged its place, it still remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

Many millions of Catholic immigrants arrived here in the 19th Century, many of them from heavily Catholic countries.  Of course, many of them had to deal with discrimination towards Catholics in their new country, especially the Irish. Signs of “No Irish Need Apply” posted on many a company’s door attest to that—and, of course, almost all Irish were Catholic.  The same was often the case for others as well:  Italians, Poles, etc.  Almost all from predominently Catholic countries.  But as time went on, of course, this changed to where the city now has a very large Catholic population.

In addition to train connections from both Penn Station and Grand Central, the city is served by three airports:  JFK, La Guardia, and Liberty (Newark, New Jersey just across the river from New York).  You can get cheap airfares here.


Basilica of Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral: original Cathedral of the Archdiocse of N.Y. with an intersting history

Basilica of Regina Pacis:  shrine to the Blessed Mother for the safe return from World War II of the men of the parish, as well as the whole country.

Most Holy Redeemer Church: over 150 relics of saints

Padre Pio Shrine in the Church of St. John the Baptist: Saint Padre Pio’s image and two relics here in this church

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini Shrine:  Relics of Mother Cabrini

Saint Joseph Church in Greenwich Village:  Perpetual Adoration Chapel (only Perpetual Adoration chapel in New York City)

Saint Malachy’s Church (“The Actors Chapel”): Many famous Broadway actors and actresses attended here

Saint Patrick’s Cathedralfamous landmark and also has the tomb of Venerable Pierre Toussaint,

Saints Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church:  offers many Masses in Polish

Shrine of Our Lady of Aradin:  Our Lady of Persecuted Christians: dedicate to those in the Middle East, located inside Saint Michael’s Church here in New York City and is the first such shrine in the world

The Catholic Memorial at Ground Zero (St. Joseph’s Church):  Special memorial honoring the Catholic heroes of 9/11

The Church of Saint Paul the Apostlerun by the Paulist Fathers, close to Central Park

The Cloisters: Part of the Met, it contains elements from medieval cloisters brought over from Europe


A Catholic Repertory Theater by the Dominican Friars (Blackfriars) (external link)

A Catholic Guest House for travelers:  The Leo House (external link)

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