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Dardendale, Arkansas: Ol’ Shalom Ranch

About Ol’ Shalom Ranch:

This is a retreat center under the guidance of Communities of Prayer;  a non-profit aimed at directing hearts toward a deeper prayer life through retreats, small group, and prayer resources.

Ol’ Shalom Ranch is a 55 acre ranch on the border of the Ozark National Forest in Dardendale, Arkansas, located minutes from the Subiaco Abbey.

The Ranch is currently a working farm and a developing retreat center.


There is now a cabin and RV hookups,so families can come and share in this unique experience.



Traveling to Ol’ Shalom Ranch:

Address:  15877 Harkey Valley Rd,  Dardendale, Arkansas

Tel:  (479) 229-3044

Click here for the Ol’ Shalom website with more information.

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