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Catholic Shrines & Places of interest in Cincinnati, Ohio


Many of Ohio’s early Catholics were German and Irish immigrants, who sought employment on the canals and railroads.  Back in the mid-19th Century there was much opposition to the Catholic influence (as typical in most of the U.S. at that time) from Protestants who felt that these newcomers would be more loyal to the Pope than the U.S.  However, as more and more immigrants arrived, by 1920 some 70% of the population was Catholic.

Today, we find there is still a large Catholic population in the city, and if you plan to travel there, you won’t want to miss the places listed below.

Here are a few of the Catholic places of interest in Cincinnati:

Holy Cross Immaculata

Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center

Saint Anthony Shrine


And just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati:  Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption in Covington, Kentucky


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