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Cincinnati, Ohio: Holy Cross Immaculata

About Holy Cross Immaculata Parish & “Praying the Steps”:

Although a vibrant and active Parish, the church has one unique feature in addition.

Before the church was built, Archbishop Purcell had a large wooden cross erected on the hill where it was to be built and many Catholics walked up the hill as they prayed there for its completion.  Stairs were later built to make the path easier and then, after the church was completed, people continued the tradition.

As a result, Holy Cross Immaculata Church became known as the “Church of the Steps” and the pilgrimage was known as “making the steps” or “praying up the steps.” There are 96 steps that lead up to the top and pilgrims flock here, but most especially on Good Friday.

Finding Holy Cross Immaculata Parish:

Address:  30 Guido Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Tel: +1 (513) 721-6544        Fax:  +1 (513) 721-6177

email:  see the contact section on their website.

Click here for the official website of Holy Cross Immaculata in Cincinnati (then click on “praying the steps”).

Note you also find Saint Anthony of Padua Maronite Church nearby, as shown on the map below.

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