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Bratislava, Slovakia: Saint Martin’s Cathedral


About Saint Martin’s Cathedral:

The history of the St. Martin´s Cathedral is closely linked to the former Bratislava castle´s church and its Canonry. In the 13th century they were both moved to the current location. The Canonry (Kapitula) was an intellectual centre of Bratislava in the 15th century. New Gothic cathedral was consecrated on the place of the former Romanesque temple in 1452, although works on its completion were ongoing later.

The Cathedral is rich on significant sights, e.g. the Baroque Chapel from the first half of the 18th century, where the body of St. John the Merciful (Almoner) is kept, beautiful arch and canonical seats in the sanctuary, a portal in St. Anna´s Chapel, windows etc.

On 30 June 1995, Pope St. John Paul II. visited St. Martin´s church. In 2008 new Archdiocese of Bratislava was founded and the cathedral became the metropolitan cathedral.

In the Jubilee year 2000, five neighboring countries donated a set of five new bells, that create a beautiful harmony with the old 2500 kg heavy bell Wederin from 1674. The bell-tower is 85 meters high and together with the castle dominates the city center. In 2010, a new valuable organ was installed with 4,500 pipes, 74 registers, four manuals and a pedal.

Masses are in either Slovak or Latin (with one Sunday Mass in German)…check their website for details.

Find Saint Martin’s Cathedral:

Address: Rudnayovo námestie 1, 81101  Bratislava

Tel:  +421-2-54431359

Click here for the official website of Saint Martin’s Cathedral in Bratislava, Slovakia

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