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Bucharest: Sacred Heart Church

About Sacred Heart Church in Bucharest:

Known as the French Church of the Sacred Heart, it began with the arrival of three sisters from the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. They founded a small dispensary and during the second Balkan War in 1913, they participated with Prince Ghika in an ambulance service, treating the victims of cholera. After the war came Communism, and for more than 30 years the church remained closed, suffering serious damage during the earthquake of 1977.   The French State provided essential repairs to the structure.

In January 1990, with the support of a group of French-speaking Africans, steps were taken by Archbishop Mgr Ioan Robu to obtain the reopening of the Catholic Church of Sacre-Coeur. They culminated in 1991 and from April, every Sunday the church is open for a mass in French. Fr. Ioan Ciobanu is appointed parish priest of a new Romanian parish, while a French-speaking priest provides pastoral care for this linguistic community.


English-language Mass on Sunday in Bucharest

Mass is celebrated in English every Saturday at 6:00 pm at Sacred Heart Church. Masses are held at other dates and times in Romanian, French, Latin and Arabic.

Finding Sacred Heart Church in Bucharest:

Address:  Street Cpt Gheorghe Demetriade n ° #3, sector 1, RO-011848 Bucarest

Tel:   +40 021 319 70 70

Click here for the official website of the Sacred Heart Church in Bucharest.

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