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About Romania:

Certainly one of Eastern Europe’s most oppressed nations, Romania suffered much during the years of Communism. The infamous dictator Ceausescu, who killed, tortured and imprisoned over two million people, was himself killed (along with his wife) in December 1989.  It remains one of Europe’s poorer countries, although economic progress is taking place.

Although primarily Eastern Orthodox (which was largely left alone by the Communists), Catholics do make up a devout minority.  They are located mainly in the enclaves of the cities of Iasi and Blaj.

Relations remain strained between the Orthodox Church and the Greek Catholic Church (in communion with Rome), whose members suffered greatly under communist rule in Romania and whose properties were confiscated and given to the Orthodox church.

Pope John Paul II here in May 1999, at the invitation of Patriarch Teoctist of the Romanian Orthodox Church and Pope Francis visited the country in 2019.


Bucharest: Roman Catholic churches & shrines

Csiksomlyo: Major Marian Shrine & Miraculous Statue of Our Lady

Iași: Our Lady Queen of Iași Cathedral


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