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Bucharest: Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

In 1992, Archbishop Ioan Robu, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bucharest, decided to set up the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Parish in Bucharest, the Drumul Taberei, densely populated with families belonging to the Roman Catholic Church. At the same time it orders the beginning of the formalities for obtaining a suitable land, where to build a parochial complex including the church, with a capacity of 500 seats, the parish house and a kindergarten.

In 1994, a land of 2 300 square meters, obtained by the City Hall of Bucharest, was obtained. In the same year, we started drafting the project, which was completed, with all the necessary approvals, in the spring of 1995. All the construction works started. The works started in May 1995 continued until October 1999, when the church, the parish house and the kindergarten were built.

The church, completely unfinished, begins to function from August 15, 1998, uninterrupted, during which the interior finishing works, marble floors, parquet flooring, marble flooring from Ruşchita continue to the main and side altars, paintings, paintings, bodies lighting and more. Also, some of the sacred art works are proclaimed, including the crucifix in the background of the altar apse made by the sculptor Damian Gomez.

In November 1999, the last paintings, dyeing and flooring in the parquet floor under the banks were executed. Only 26 banks are procured out of the total of 40 required.

Address:  Bucharest, Str. Drumul Taberei nr. 38A, sector 6,

Tel / Fax: 0214136570,

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