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Cacaxtla (Tlaxcala), Mexico: Saint Michael’s Well


About the apparitions:

The story begins on April 25, 1631 in the town of San Bernabe. It was the custom of the town to have a procession honoring Saint Mark on his Feast Day. Among those in the procession was a young man named Diego Lazaro of San Francisco. At this time there was a smallpox epidemic raging in the town.The Archangel Michael appeared to him in private and told him to tell the residents of the town that they would find a well in a certain ravine nearby and that well would have miraculous waters that would have curative powers.

Since he was but a simple Indian, he did not think that anyone would believe him, so he kept quiet for a while; however, he did confide in the Franciscans who gave him their support.

On the night of May 7 through the morning of May 8 that same year, young Diego Lazaro lay near death, when suddenly a blinding light appeared and Saint Michael again appeared to him. Saint Michael carried him to the spot in the ravine where the well was to be discovered and with the message that he needed to spread word of its location.

His efforts were initially rebuffed by higher authorities (how familiar is that?) who could not believe that Saint Michael would appear to a lowly Indian peasant rather than a priest or bishop.

Faithful to the instructions given to him, Diego Lazaro, along with his family members, went to the site described by Saint Michael. They found the spot covered by a large stone that they found impossible to move. In the midst of their efforts a young man came along who told them he could help, and when he touched the stone it moved easily and rolled down the ravine. The young man then suddenly disappeared.

On November 13 (the Feast of Saint Didacus of Alcala), the third apparition took place. Saint Michael once again appeared to him and berated him for not obeying him. Disturbed by this, he drew some water and took it to the Bishop, who listened to the story and grew convinced enough to give some of the water to some of the local people. Many of them were cured instantly.

About the Shrine of Saint Michael’s Well:

Today Masses are held quite frequently, and many pilgrims choose to come on the Feast Day of September 29 and also the anniversary dates of the apparitons: April 25, May 8 and November 13.

Traveling to Saint Michael’s Well

The Sanctuary of Saint Michael’s Well in located about 60 miles from Mexico City in the town of Cacaxtla, roughly half way between Tlaxcala and Puebla. There is regularly scheduled bus service from Mexico City to Tlaxcala.  There is no official website for the church, but here is an interesting site devoted to the apparitions and Saint Michael’s Well.

Address: San Miguel del Milagro, Tlax., Mexico

GPS coordinates: 19° 14′ 30.3576” N, 98° 20′ 5.5356” W

Tel:  +52 01 (246) 416 0320

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    • Yes, the well has been dry on and off for several years now. The parish priest says that any water from the church there will have the same properties, so we will have to take his word for it.

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