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Rome, Italy: Mamertine Prison


About Mamertine Prison:

Dank, dark and depressing might describe the Mamertine Prison, one of the lesser-known pilgrimage sites in Rome. It was here, according to tradition, the Saints Peter and Paul were imprisoned in nearly hopeless conditions. There was little hope for those imprisoned there– they were lowered into the cell and then awaited their eventual execution. It was more of a holding cell than a place for long-term incarceration and in fact most died in short order due to the hardship.

Around 64 A.D. the emperor Nero, needing someone to blame for the disastrous fire that devastated Rome, placed that blame squarely on the Christians. Thus began a series of persecutions that resulted, among other things, in the arrest of both Peter and Paul. Acts 12:1-11 recounts the escape of Saint Paul from prison by the help of an angel.

A church was built over the prison, the Church of San Giuseppe del Falegnami (Saint Joseph the Carpenter) in the Roman Forum.

Tours are offered at a cost of about 7 Euros per person.

We are not aware of any official website at this time, but here is a youtube video that describes the prison (sorry for the ads).

So if you decide to try it yourself, please let us know. let us know by email or post a comment.

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