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Rome: Church of Santa Maria in Monticelli: tomb of St César de Bus

About Saint César de Bus:

Born in France in 1544, César de Bus had a Jesuit education and was un-decided on choosing a career in the military or in writing. He wrote some plays, but eventually chose life in the army and at court.

Although he was content with his choice in the beginning, he began to change his priorities after witnessing the horror of battle, especially the Saint Bartholomew’s Day massacres, when Catholic mobs executed many  French Protestants in 1572.

He became ill and found himself reviewing his choice to pursue a military career.  By the time he had recovered, he had resolved to become a priest. He was ordained in 1582 and devoted himself to teaching the catechism to ordinary people living in neglected, rural, out-of-the-way places. His efforts were badly needed and well received.

In an effort to ward off heresy among the people, César developed a program of family catechesis. It was from this that a new religious congregation developed:  The Fathers of Christian Doctrine.

One of César’s works, Instructions for the Family on the Four Parts of the Roman Catechism, was finally published 60 years after his death. He was beatified in 1975 by Pope Paul VI and Canonized May 15, 2022 by Pope Francis.

We celebrate the Feast of Saint César de Bus on May 15.

Traveling to the Church of Santa Maria in Monticelli & tomb of Saint César de Bus:

The shrine of Saint César de Bus is located in Rome in this 17th century church.

In addition to his tomb you will also find other items of interest including a baroque fresco of the Flagellation attributed to Antonio Carracci; a 13th-century painted wooden crucifix attributed to Pietro Cavallini; a Madonna and child with saints by Sebastiano Conca; and a Head of the Redeemer in mosaic fragments from the 12th century.

Finding the Church of Santa Maria in Monticelli:

Santa Maria in Monticelli is located on a street of the same name.  It is not too far from the Gesu Church, if you happen to be following the Jesuits in Rome.

Address: Via di S. Maria in Monticelli, 29, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

We are not aware of any website for the church.

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