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Genoa, Italy: Home of Saint Catherine of Genoa & Basilica of Santa Maria di Castello


About Genoa:

Boccadasse Beach Harbor, Genoa, Italy

Located in Northwest Italy, Genoa is perhaps best known as the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, the seafaring city had a major role to play in Italian history. Although its glory days as a trade center are behind it, the city is a wonderful place to stay….. since you don’t face the throngs of tourists found in more popular cities such as Rome and Florence.

You will find the cuisine unique to the area. Some local specialties are Foccia (flatbread stuffed with cheese & topped with vegetables, olives and prosciutto) and also Farinata (similar to a crepe, made from chick-pea flour cooked in olive oil and filled with vegetables, sauces and cheese. For a treat we recommend Crema (a frozen egg custard) or Granites (shaved ice with fresh fruit flavors).

It was also home to one of the great Saints of the Church: Saint Catherine of Genoa.

Among the places of interest for Catholics in Genoa are the following:

Capuchin Convent and tomb of Saint Catherine of Genoa

Mount Figogna: Shrine of Our Lady of the Watch


We also recommend a visit to Santa Maria di Castello which houses magnificent works of art as well as a museum. It is located near the pier area (especially convenient if you are on a cruise). Surprisingly, few people know about this hidden gem in Genoa. Many say it is not to be missed.

And one other recommendation is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo here in the city, that also has famous works of art.

And yet one more Church, that is also sometimes overlooked, Basilica della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato. In a city of beautiful churches, it still manages to stand out.

Traveling to Genoa:

You can reach Genoa by train from Milan, Florence, Rome and even Naples.  Get plane, train & bus schedules, see fares & buy tickets here.

There is an airport here that connects to several Italian and European cities.

Genoa has a modern cruise port, with cruises originating from here as well as being a port of call for some Mediterranean cruises.

For independent travelers there are overnight ferry connections to–and–from such cities as Barcelona, Palermo and Tangiers.

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