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Catholic Sites of Croatia

Located in the Balkans, the country of Croatia has witnessed much tumult over the centuries, but has remained steadfast in its Catholic faith. Locked in the bitter war in the late 1990’s it is now peaceful and welcoming to tourists. It is a beautiful country and rapidly becoming one of Europe’s most popular destinations.

Both Split and Dubrovnik are now stops for many cruise lines and several other cities offer great vacation opportunities as well.

And the Adriatic Coast, with it’s crystal-clear water and enchanting islands, has become a tourist mecca for many travelers.

In addition, Croatia is usually the point of arrival for pilgrims going to visit Medjugorje. Most fly (or arrive by overnight ferry from Rome) into either Split or Dubrovnik.

It should be pointed out that Medjugorje is not in Croatia, it is part of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

There are many sites of interest to Catholics in this country, and here are just a few of them (with more to come).

Here are a few highlights in Croatia:

Dubrovnik: “the Pearl of the Adriatic”

Marija Bistrica: Our Ladyof Marija Bistrica

Sinj: Our Lady of Sinj

Split: Diocletian’s palace

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