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Split, Croatia: Dioceltian’s Palace & Cathedral of Saint Dominus

About Diocletian’s Palace in Split, Croatia:

Diocletian was born here, in what was called Dalmatia and was Roman emperor from 284 AD until he abdicated in 305 AD. The palace built here was immense and was at the heart of what is now Dubrovnik.  In 303 AD he began what was the last major persecution of Christians.  It was an immense fortress not only for Diocletian but for the soldiers of the Roman Legion.

Today, the Palace is well preserved with all the most important historical buildings, in the center of the city. Diocletian’s Palace has been very well preserved, which makes it a major attraction in Split.  It is one of the most complete remains of a Roman palace.

Diocletian’s octagonal and 3 temples were also located in the palace. One of the temples was later turned into a baptistery, the other two were destroyed.

About the Cathedral of Saint Domnius (Saint Dujam) in Split, Croatia:

Within Diocletian’s Palace…actually within what was his mausoleum, is  the Cathedral of Saint Domnius. Saint Domnius was a Bishop of Salona around the year 300, and is venerated as the patron of the city of Split. Saint Domnius was martyred in the persecutions of the Emperor Diocletian.

It’s the oldest cathedral in the world and also the smallest….it will hold only a few dozen people.


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