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San Jose, Costa Rica

About San Jose, Costa Rica:

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica, and has almost half the population of the country within its boundaries and, as such, is the cultural center of the country. Here you will find embassies, cultural attractions in the form of museums and performing arts venues, the University of Costa Rica, and many Catholic Churches.  We only list a few here, but there are many more.

Catholic places of interest in San Jose, Costa Rica:

La Iglesia del Coronado (Church of del Coronado) Magnificent Romanesque Cathedral

San Jose Metropolitan Cathedral

Visiting San Jose, Costa Rica:

Overall, the city is quite safe for tourists.  As with any large city, you should be aware of your surroundings.  If you stick to the tourist spots in the city you will be safe, in the daytime.  Avoid wearing flashy jewelry, showing off valuables, etc…..all common sense things that we are apt to forget when traveling anywhere.

If you should need emergency medical care, there are both public and private hospitals available.  Tourists can use the private hospitals, where the wait time is significantly shorter, but most do not accept insurance plans, so you must pay with cash or credit card.

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