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Closure of the Santa Susanna Church in Rome

Known as the American church, the Church of Santa Susanna is the home for English-speaking people living in Rome.  It is an active parish as well as a wedding venue for many people wishing to be married in Rome.

Recently due to the fact that pieces have been falling from the ceiling, the Church has been closed to the public.  Masses that are normally held here have been moved to the following locations:

Saturday, 5:30 PM and Sunday 9:00 AM at the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli e Martiri ( near the baths of Diocletian).  This church is the last of Michelangelo’s projects and well worth a visit.

Sunday, 10:00 AM, at the Basilica of San Camillo de Lellis 

Monday through Friday at 7:00 PM at San Camillo de Lellis

Both websites above are in Italian, use the Google translate bar.

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