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Want to help the Christians in the Holy Land?

Wondering how you might be able to help Christians living in the Holy Land?

It is strange to realize that the area where Jesus was born, lived and died is now an area Christians are a minority.  Those do live there face discrimination and worse.  And, of course, the ongoing war in Gaza has made things even more difficult.  But there is a way to help these Christians when you book a tour with Select International Tours.

Select to Give is a not-for-profit foundation, founded by Select International Tours.

Select International Tours is an award winning, thirty year old, faith based tour operator specializing in group trips to Europe, the Holy Land, Canada, Mexico, South America and the USA.

The Faith Travel Association awarded the “Impact Award” to Select International Tours for innovation and quality in travel.

Local Catholic residents in the Holy LandSelect to Give Foundation exists to help the Christians of the Holy Land and the Middle East!

Through the funding and creation of programs and partnerships, they support innovative community efforts to help Christians achieve a safer and more prosperous existence. They work on several projects to assist Christians with education, medical care, financial support, and meeting basic human needs.

Palestinian Christian children in the Holy Land
Palestinian Christian children in the Holy Land The goal is to recognize and maximize human potential in Christian communities by establishing programs that provide opportunities for education, entrepreneurship, social justice and community building.

Select to Give sends Every Dollar to the Holy Land:

Select to Give is 100% volunteer-administered. They have zero overhead, which allows them to spend every dollar to directly support Christian Families living in the Holy Land.

An added bonus when you sign up to travel with Select International Tours, regardless of destination….. a percentage of your registration fee is donated to Select to Give, with no additional cost to you.

Click here to learn more about the Select to Give Foundation.

And here is a video from 2020 that describes Select to Give and its founder, Edita Krunic.

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