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Guide for independent Catholic travelers

If you have made the decision to travel independently you have many exciting possibilities ahead of you. There are also some drawbacks, but these can mostly be avoided with careful planning. We suggest you use the following links to help you in the planning process. Independent travel can be highly rewarding but it can also be highly frustrating if you do not first do some homework.

You might want to consider a day tour or half-day guided tour of larger cities to get a general idea of the sights to be seen. Then you can go back on your own to explore the areas of most interest to you.

Be realistic–don’t go to France and wonder why no one speaks English! Prepare in advance and try to learn a few key words and phrases of the country you plan to visit. Although some countries have quite a few people who speak English, some do not. And don’t head for the nearest fast-food restaurant that was your favorite back home–get out of your comfort zone and sample the local cuisine.

We suggest you also consider a local guide in certain locations such as Rome, Istanbul or other large cities. They will cost a bit, but often can take you to places you might either miss, or just not really appreciate if you don’t know the whole story of what you are seeing. However, you want to get a guide who is at the very least sympathetic to Catholics, if not Catholic himself. We will be posting a list of recommended guides in the future. If you have any suggestions please send them to us or post a note on our forum.

There is also an excellent series of books called “Day Trips” by Earl Steinbicker that offer suggestions for countries such as Italy, Germany, France and a range of other countries.

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