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Travel gets in your blood

Watching some movies tends to bring out the travel bug in many of us.  Older movies such as “the Sound of Music”, or newer ones as well, or perhaps the popular “Rick Steve’s Europe” series.  You are on this blog for one of two reasons, either you like to travel or you are interested in visiting some particular shrine or discovering more about Catholic culture in other places.  Probably it is both.

What about traveling gets in your blood?  It is hard to describe and often unfathomable to those who just don’t get the point.  New sounds, smells and most importantly meeting new people are some of the benefits of travel.  And if you combine that with learning more about Catholic faith and traditions it makes for a great experience.

Some people go on pilgrimages once a year or even more often, for others it is an unusual event.  But when you plan your travels the right way it can open new doors.

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