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Tom & Sue’s Excellent Adventure in Italy Day 26 Our Lady of Divine Love & Tre Fontane

Buena Sera:

Ground hog day started again with the bacon and eggs and cappuccino’s.  Today we were supposed to leave for Vetirbo and we changed plans.  I love this place and I even conquered the very small shower.  I have learned to drop water on my legs before I get in and then rub with body wash and then squeeze sideways into the box as the water is running and this works until I drop the soap and Susan has to come in to get it for me.  With the right attitude you can get used to anything.

The car or as we call now the UFO (Carmine named it that when he was with us at night and I locked it…..and 42 lights blinked all over the car, not to mention the new feature I found that jabs you in the butt as you drive if you cross the center line) it is filthy and I think I don’t care.  For what they charged  they should come to America and wash mine at home.

Mass in the Sanctuary of Divine Love
Mass in the Sanctuary of Divine Love

Today was beautiful as we visited 2 apparitions from Our Lady in the outskirts of Rome. Both were wonderful in their own way and we had mass and prayed and walked most of the grounds. Our Lady of Divine Love and the three fountains.  There are actually two places known as Tre Fontane in this area.

On Sunday we will return to Our Lady of Divine Love where we will leave all of the petitions we have received and carried for you and invoke the Blessed Mother to answer you in some way or another.  It is always a very emotional day for us as we re-read all of your needs and hope that we all remember that it is the will of God that we need to accept.

The Basilica of Saint Paul's Outside the Walls
The Basilica of Saint Paul’s Outside the Walls

Before heading back we went to St. Paul of the Cross outside the walls.  We had been here before and remembered it all like yesterday.  There are plenty of explanations in the photos, so you are on your own, we are beat and plan to go back and have leftovers and snuggle up together and watch a good movie. We will see who falls asleep first!

I guess we can say see you soon since tomorrow is our last full day of adventures before we leave on Mon. 6:15 AM—ugh.  Sunday night we will definitely be in bed early.  We hope you have enjoyed our journey and in some way were filled with the grace of Our Lord and His blessed Mother, Our Mother too.

God Bless you all

Susan and Tom


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