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Tom & Sue in Poland Day 13 Piekary Slaskie: Our Lady of Social Justice and Love

Dzien Dobry:

Another morning in bed until almost 8, how good is that! Susan slept in one bed and I in the other so we would have plenty of room and not wake each other during the night. I just combed my sleeping hair and we went for coffee and breakfast in our jammies, nice and relaxed.

Our Shrine for today was about 1 mile away so we took our time showering and packing our 1 small bag, thru on the same clothes from the day before and left. Our next stop after the Shrine would be in the first floor of a house that looked extremely nice when I booked it.

Mary has a long title here in Piekary Slaskie, Our Lady of Social Justice and Love, and is one of the largest Sanctuaries in the Silesia provence. It is primarily known for organizing May Pilgrimages for men and August ones for women, and each of them numbers around 100,000 people.

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We again parked right in front of the Basilica, we have been very blessed with parking our whole trip and today it was greatly appreciated since my back was still a problem. Not a pain in my knee since I put water on it at Mary’s well so when we get to the house I will find that bottle of holy water and rub my back with it. I don’t want to run out of favors, but Our Mother is wonderful and generous.

As we approach the Basilica from the back (no stairs), there were 50 or so kids all dressed up for their first Holy Communion with their parents. We got to talk to a couple of them and even prayed with one little girl in the small shrine to Our Lady of Fatima that was right there.

We went into the Basilica because we heard music and a funeral was in progress so we stayed since it was almost over and paid our respect and prayed for the family and soul of whomever died.  

We had a little time after they left to explore and take photos of this basic but beautiful Basilica and the Miraculous Image of Our Lady. We knew mass would begin soon when hoards of people came in the Basilica taking all the seats and the kids had not come in yet. When they did some people moved and the rest sat on chairs around the altar. The church was packed. We again stood in the back.

This was the first place we had been to where they had an usher. Most places the clergy or a volunteer would take up the collection. It still took him until communion to finish. We Prayed for all of you during mass.

When mass ended, so did the weather…..it was sunny and warm when we arrived and now we needed our jackets and umbrellas. It became a 3 shirt day in a hurry, so we left after buying a small statue for home and a polish anniversary card for Sister Maria Liber as we will be attending her jubilee mass next Sunday outside of Krakow.

It was about an hour to our next apartment and it rained most of the way. We were a little early but the owner was outside and gave us a very warm welcome. He showed us the 2 bedroom apartment very nicely re-modeled and how to work everything. The radio in the shower was my favorite. It also had some other goodies in there which I will explore tomorrow. The house is great and the grounds beautiful and peaceful

Susan unpacked and I went to the market for supplies since we had 3 nights here. We are beat and can’t wait to sit back and relax. As a matter of fact tomorrow is Sunday and we decided to go to the local church and spend the rest of the day in this comfortable home.


We enjoyed a light non-meat pizza and snacks at the dining room table and tried to watch TV. But that didn’t last. 8:30 came and we went to bed. I hope groundhog day doesn’t rear it’s ugly head… That’s all I remember.

God bless all of you


Susan & Tom


Dear God, You are my source, my goal. I surrender all that transpires in my life to Your Loving Providence. Thank You for allowing Your Blessed Mother to take me by the hand into your Divine will. Remember me kindly when I stumble, for You are kindness. Place me, gently, into the caldron of incense that perfumes Your Divine Love. You, alone, are Holy. Blessed be God Forever.


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