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Tom & Sue Pilgrimage Day 8 Madrid

Cure For Sadness


We fly to your protection, O Holy Mother of God.  Despise not our petitions for these necessities.  Deliver us from all dangers in body, mind and soul.


—  Ancient Prayer to the Mother of God


Buenos Noches for the last time;

Morning came early and we all got up at 7.  A cup of café and right to work with the final packing, putting the apartment back together and loading the car. Sam took care of the kitchen and garbage and Susan did the girly thing putting everything back as it was and I sat at the computer getting another report going.  It pays to be a writer!

We were off to mass in Colomajaro at Fr Guillermo parish.  We actually arrived early and had time for coffee since the instant wasn’t our cup of Tea.  Fr. Guillermo was at the café with some of his parishioners doing the same.  I think he was shocked that we were not late.  He headed off to the confessional and we finished our coffee and went to mass.  Tony and Carmen were already there since our plan was to have a little breakfast after and before we had to say good-bye.

Unfortunately, he was on confession duty before and during mass, and we would not get to see him celebrate mass again this year, the Pastor celebrated the 11 AM liturgy.  Susan did take advantage of going to confession during the homily and Sam went after communion.  They needed to go to get the Plenary Indulgence we received at Santo Toribio.

At breakfast we had a great time; Tony continued to bond with Sam and had such a great time with each other. During breakfast Father gave us a piece of cloth that was worn by the visionary Amparo when her stigmata happened on one occasion as it did many times. We saw the photos of shirt with the blood stains on the side, shoulder and many on the back.  He wanted us all to have a piece of it and we were very humbled that he would part with it and we will treasure it always.

Finally it was time to go and that took another 20 minutes until we departed.  Such good friends and when we are here they make us feel like family and we consider ourselves fortunate to have met them.  Lot of hugs and kisses and some tears we finally left, happy and sad.

We went to check in at the hotel before going to Consuela and Humertos for a late lunch.  As always she had way too much food but we did manage to eat a good portion of it.  They are so easy to be with and the laughs and bantering were loud and continuous.  Humberto came with Sam and I to gat gas so Susan and Consuela could have some time alone.  They love each other very much and even though they communicate often it not the same as being together.

Fueled up it was time to get back for more hugs and kisses and tears since we had to leave.  They walked with us to the car and 20 minutes later we were off, again happy and sad.

We dropped Susan off at the hotel and Sam and I went to the airport to drop off the rental.  The shuttle from the hotel picked us up 15 minutes later and we were done in less than 45 minutes.   Our flight to Warsaw was at 7 AM as long as they could find the plane.  Sam could sleep in until we were well on our way.  We all got organized and met down in the garden area for a bon voyage night cap. We had a few more laughs and reminisced about our time together before it was time to say good night.  Again another bitter sweet moment that ended this jammed packed week of wonderful times and memories.

I am writing this in Glotowo, Poland and wait until you hear about this day, but that’s another day.  Good Night.


God bless all of you


Susan & Tom  Minus Sam-LOL



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