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Tom & Sue personal pilgrimage: Monday May 30 Day 4

Buenos Dias, Bonjourno and Boker Tov,

Today is travel day to the Holy Land. Confusing greeting, now you can get an idea of the day we had:  Madrid to Rome to Tel Aviv.

We got wake up calls at 3:00 AM plus I had the alarm set for 3:15, just in  case I fell back to sleep.  Sue and I laid in bed and we could tell by each others’ breathing we were not sleeping, both our minds racing.   Finally, we got up around 11:00 talked for awhile and Susan took half a xanax, but I didn’t want to…..afraid I would sleep thru.  Johna and Sam were having the same problem in their rooms, unknown to us as they watched  TV.

Susan’s breathing confirmed sleep and I laid there with one eye open as the clock struck 1.  Two hours later the phone rang, I answered and 15 minutes later I got up after the alarm went off.

The kids were up and ready to go just as I finished my shower. Our flight was at 6 Am and we were close to the airport but I had to get the kids and the  luggage to terminal 2 and then Susan and I had to return the beast to terminal 1 and walk to terminal 2, So we needed extra time.

Mission accomplished: we checked in and had one hour until the flight  boarded. As we approached the gate we still had time for a quick coffee and toast in the lounge.

The flight took off on time and we arrived in Rome ready to change planes in the same terminal.  The plane unloaded us on the parking  tarmac and we were bussed in. We thought we could go to the lounge and relax for the next flight, but we had to walk from one end of the terminal to the other, only toget on a bus to take us back to where we first landed.

Who runs these companies???

We just made it, but people were late and we sat in  the plane for an hour +, also having lost our place in line.  We all  slept until they shoved something that looked like food in front of us and a  baby two rows up started to CRYYYYY.  Three hours later we arrived in Tel  Aviv, one hour late and exhausted.

Customs wasn’t to bad and we got our luggage and I went for the car rental.  An hour later we were in the lot searching the for the car.   Twenty minutes later we were loaded and ready to go, but no one was around and 20 minutes later we took off after I figured out how to drive it and use the  controls and the I-pad they gave us for a GPS system.

4:00 pm and we were off for Haifa.  Traffic was a bear and we had to  take a pit stop and get water.  By 6:00 pm we were in Haifa at our condo, luggage ready to go down these long stairs, but nobody was home to let us  in.  Twenty minutes later, as we stood there, the owner came back and let us  in.  Amos was very nice and invited us up to his home for some wine and  cheese, which we did until we knew we had to get some food and get organized for  tomorrow.  The kids and I went to the Supermarket and Susan stayed at the  apartment to get our travel plans in order.

We finally made some sandwiches and ate, all of us exhausted and running short of patience ( I think it was me), so we went to bed, all of us praying that tomorrow would be a better day.  You will have to wait to find out.  We were so hassled, we only too 7 pictures all day. See below

Layla Tov,

God Bless you all

Love Tom, Susan and the kids

It’s not too late to send us your prayer intentions, we will present them at all the stops we make along the way:         TSMelillo13@aol.com   

   Prayer to Our Lady in Time of  Trouble

Holy Virgin Mary, you are reigning in  glory, with Jesus, your Son. Remember us  in our sadness. Look kindly on all who are  suffering or fighting  against any difficulty. Have pity on  those who are separated from someone they love. Have pity on the loneliness of our hearts. Have pity on the weakness of our faith and  love. Have pity on  those who are weeping, on those who are praying, on those who are  fearful. Holy Mother,  please obtain for all of us hope and peace with  justice.
May God Bless Each and Every One Of You!

Tom &  Susan Melillo
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 (USA)


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