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Tom & Sue: From Paris to Krakow

Dzien’ Dorby:

Well we made it.  We are in Krakow.  Getting here was not bad after we got rid of the car.  I was honest and showed them a small scratch I made in Zaragossa and they were ruthless charging us almost 310 Euro for repairs.  I could have painted the whole car at Earl Scheib’s for that.  I went in and argued with the manager about the cost for an up grade when they were going to give us a downgrade for the type car we paid for and lost that battle too.  Oh well we will see when we get home who wins when I get the credit card company going.

We checked in to our flight at the wrong window and got scolded because we we paid for premium and were in the regular lane.  She weighed the luggage and it was 2 kilos over and she wanted 36 Euro’s more.  I told her to wait a minute and I opened the suitcase and whipped out the Publix bag that already had about 5 pounds of stuff in it.  The best 99 cents ever spent on that green Publix bag.  I’m going to send them a picture.

We went through security and after they checked every tube of stuff we had they let us through.  I had to take off my shoes and belt after I set the alarm off.  My pants almost fell down and Susan took a picture and Susan was accosted by 2 security guards and we had to erase the picture even though they were laughing as well as everyone else.

We went to the wifi room and plugged in, and none of the plugs were working so we went to go down to the lower lounge to try there.  The escalator was coming up so Susan said to press the button and it will go the other way, so I did and it stopped and nothing happened after multiple presses of the button, so we ran and got a beer and went back to the upper lounge hoping someone would fix it.  People were no too happy walking up that huge flight of stairs.

We had entertainment on the plane with some college kids doing their pledging and it was funny and we arrived in Krakow right on time. Our bag was first off and we went to the curb to wait for our ride I thought I had confirmed but didn’t so after 30 minutes we hopped a cab.  A nice new Jaguar and I enjoyed the ride in the BACK SEAT.  I didn’t have any Polish money, it didn’t matter they take euro’s.

The hotel didn’t look like much from the out side but we were very surprised at the space and the gigantic bed.  Couldn’t wait to give that a spin.  We ventured out for Polish money, Zlotys water, some wine,  juice and coffee and vodka just to have on hand.  We bought a bag of chips but that was it for food, I’m not eating a sandwich for a month nor cooking in Krakow.

We didn’t explore to much because my leg hurt and we were both tired so we went around the corner and found a cute little Italian rest.  We ordered 2 pizzas and a chicken and broccoli that was absoultly the best I have ever eaten.  The didn’t have a liquor licence yet so we took it to go and went back to our apartment and had our wine with dinner.  Our shopping spree and dinner cost almost 150 Zolty, which works out to around $40.      Did I tell you I love krakow?

That night was the last trip report we sent out so we will catch up before we leave. We have been out a lot.


Prayer to Our Lady of Czestochowa

O Mother of God, Immaculate Mary, to thee do I dedicate my body and soul, all my prayers and deeds, my joys and sufferings, all that I am an all that I have. With a joyful heart I surrender myself to thy love. To thee will I devote my services of my own free will for the salvation of mankind, and for the help of the Holy Church whose Mother thou art.
From now on my only desire is to do all things with thee, through thee, and for thee. I know I can accomplish nothing by my own strength, whereas thou can do everything that is the will of thy Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thou are always victorious. Grant, therefore, O Helper of the Faithful, that my family, my parish, and my country might become in truth the Kingdom where thou reignest in the glorious presence God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, forever and ever.



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