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Afraid to travel to the Holy Land?

We said it elsewhere, but will say it again here.  Ask someone near the end of their life and they will probably tell you they don’t regret the things they did nearly as much as the things they did not do.  

Never is it more true than when someone postpones a trip to Israel because they, or some well-meaning friend or relative, decide it is “just to dangerous to go there right now“.

Walking the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem
Walking the Way of the Cross (via Dolorosa) in Jerusalem is a tradition with pilgrims who visit the Holy Land

Having traveled there many times in the last 20 years, we have heard that song before.  Yet thousands, or perhaps hundreds of thousands, of pilgrims have traveled there safely and brought back memories for a lifetime. How sad that some of those people who put it off never got to go and missed out on such a wonderful experience. 

We just saw a post from Steve Ray, who conducts Catholic tours to the Holy Land, about his group arriving (safely, of course) in Israel to start their pilgrimage.  The airports in Israel have security that is second to none….in fact it is the best in the world.  And the holy sites are safe and secure.  So if you feel that urge to go then there will never be a time more safe than “now”, whenever now happens to be.

 By the way, we have no connection to Steve Ray, but like to follow his blog.