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The Mellios in France…May 24 Our Lady of La Dreche & St. Dominic

You can tell Tommy wrote this  .. I always correct typos .. he does not 
like when I change things …  Enjoy!

Bon Jour:

Saying goodbye to our host and hostess...Dave & Jane
Saying goodbye to our host and hostess…Dave & Jane
A B&B is one of the great parts of our pilgrimage....especially with great hosts.
A B&B is one of the great parts of our pilgrimage….especially with great hosts.

We awoke refreshed and ready to go.  We had a long drive today and  2 stopsalong the way.  Dave and Jane had our breakfast on the table for us before 8.  We had already showered so after breakfast we said  our good byes, took a couple photos together and we were off.   Dangerous Dave came throughagain and the bags were at the car in no  time.  I carried one down because we ate the food and I didn’t  want to appear to be lazy.
It was Pentecost Sunday and our plan was to make the 10:30 Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of La Dreche. “The queen” got us there early so we explored the grounds and went into the church as the 9:00 AM Mass ended.  This was a beautiful place and they were refurbishing the exterior. The Statue of  Our Lady and Jesus sat high above the altar and to the right they had a replica of Her where you could place your candles for your intentions.  To the left of this copy in a bucket was the Miraculous water from  the spring below the altar.  Of course we got a bottle (this makes 5 and we missed 1, some ofour things are going to be left behind to get all  the water home and we haven’t been to Lourdes yet.)

Statue in the Basilica at La Dreche
Statue in the Basilica

Mass was beautiful and after the mass we got to venerate the silver replica of Our Lady and Jesus.  We went to the gift shop and purchase a memento for our shrine at home.  They had a toilet here so I did Utilize it since we had about 2 hours  to our next stop. Yes I did take the mountain roads. (Saving a lot of euros on tolls but spending a lot of money on xanax for poor Susan.)  Susan actually enjoyed most of the ride as I tried to keep the speed limit. On the  way we stopped for a picnic in the center of a small town.  We didn’t care…. we were hungry.  The sandwhich was marvelous.

Sister Jane Dominique at the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary
Sister Jane Dominique at the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary

We were supposed to meet Sister Jane Dominique at Our Lady of the Rosaryin the Monestary in Prouille, the place of the apparition to St. Dominic received the rosary from Our Blessed  Mother,for a tour and we were invited to lunch if we could make it on time, but we didn’t.  One of the Sisters let us in to the cathedral that was started in the Early 1900’s and is still a long way from being finished. We got chased out since they were preparing for the 800-year celebration on Mon. of the order but they did invite us back for the mass and  lunch which was going to be piella.  I was in, until she said they  expected over 1000 people!  UGH.  To many people for us, we like our quiet time in the mountains.

We were disappointed that there wasn’t anything on the grounds in memory of St. Dominic who had been given the Rosary here in 1206 by the Blessed
Mother.  I have enclosed a long story but it is worth the  time.

Our B&B in Esperza, France
Our B&B in Esperza

Having planned to say our Rosary there we decided to pray it on  our way toour next stop of 2 glorious days in our next B&B in Esperza,  France. We
met Jo and Roy the owners who were out for a walk and returned just as wearrived.  Roy showed us to our room (and yes I did carry a  bag up with me) and we proceded to unload all of the car and drag all the  bags up toreorganze. There is something to be said for hotels but you can’t  replace thefeeling of being in 200 year old home with a wonderful room and friendly owners. (British by the way so English was the language of the  day.)

Re-organizing at our B&B in Esperza, France
Re-organizing at our B&B in Esperza

We unpacked and repacked and piled up the dirty laundry which we will  haveto address soon. Around 6 we shared the small stub of the left  over
sandwhich we had eaten earlier each fighting over the last  crumb.

Best to go to sleep early,  we were hungry again, probally because we had
nothing to eat and  everything was closed. (another Sunday in Europe). Roy invited us down for a glass of wine, (as we went we hoped they would have something to eat, even just a bowl of nuts, cheese would have been good).   I wanted to bring a sign we work for food just to give them a hint!  We sat and chatted for quite awhile until the wine kicked in (we were on an empty stomach) and it was time to go to our  large queen beds, yes we each had our own, We were both going to sleep  tonight after we gnawed on a couple pillows.  With all the  growling I don’t know how we fell asleep.

Au Revoir

Holy Mary,
help those in need,
give strength to the  weak,
comfort the  sorrowful,
pray for  God’s people,
assist  the clergy,
intercede for  religious.
Mary all who seek your  help
experience your  unfailing protection.

Susan and Tom