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Roe vs. Wade and Responsible Catholic Travel

We have been bombarded with the word “responsible” over the past few years that has almost lost its meaning.  It typically refers to protecting the environment, respecting local traditions and other goals that are basically in keeping with Catholic tradition.  God gave us dominion over the plants and animals, and certainly we are to be responsible in our behavior.

But there is another sort of responsible travel that we are thinking of here:  supporting companies whose interest are antithetical to the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Abortion, of course is one of them, and due to the recent Supreme Court ruling in the U.S. that there is no fundamental right to abortion in the U.S. constitution, some companies have chosen to offer paid leave, free transportation, etc for their employees seeking an abortion.   After all, abortion is illegal in some states but not others.  Make no mistake:  The Culture of Death is practically a religion and abortion one of their sacraments.

So, we find major companies that are pursuing an objective contrary to Catholic Christian beliefs.  For those who say, I am only one person…what can I do?  Well, you can vote with your feet.  For example, Alaska Airlines has announced that they will fund travel for employees seeking abortions in other states….so goodbye Alaska Airlines for us.  Walt Disney is another one…no surprise there, of course.

No word yet on other travel suppliers…but we will try to keep you updated.  Of course, all the “woke” corporations have begun to follow suit:  Amazon, Microsoft, etc.  These companies want people enslaved to their employer…having children would be competition for their attention. Oddly, maternity leave seems to somewhat less of a priority for these companies.

It’s your money….and you can make a difference.

Note that the Catholic Church stands almost alone in its opposition to abortion, which is why you see…and will continue to see…protests and probably vandalism against many Catholic churhces.  Most mainline protestant sects (Evangelical Lutheran, Episcopalian, etc.) have squishy wording about the “viability” of the fetus…meaning almost up to the moment of birth they are pretty much OK with it.

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