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Prayers Answered & on the road again with Tom & Sue

We want to thank you all for your prayers.  Thanks to my wonderful wife, Susan, the prayer warrior, half the world was again praying to St. John Paul II on my behalf.

In March I had a pet scan and a small area of the upper lobe of my liver (close to the last tumor) showed hot (potentially cancerous).  After an MRI, it was confirmed that 2 small tumors were present.  After several consultations including surgery and some fun time in the hospital we were directed to a Dr Hall in Jupiter Hospital to discuss a Y-90 treatment.  (Radioactive  Spherese into the affected area).

The Dr. agreed that I was a good candidate and scheduled me for a mapping of the liver to the tumors via catheter through the groin to see if the treatment would work.  I had this done on April 18 and we had to wait for the results. UGH!  Fortunately  1 hour after we got home we got a call to be scheduled the following Wed. A great relief compared to the alternative of surgery.

The day before this procedure Susan had a small procedure for a tendon problem and had to wear a brace on her wrist. It wasn’t bad and she said she could still nurse me when we got home on Tues and she did until around 1 am when she went to the bath room and fell down and hurt herself.  She wasn’t going to tell me but her moaning and groaning gave her away.  I couldn’t even help her sit up and I wasn’t supposed to drive for 24 hours so I called an ambulance.  They wanted her to get an x-ray so off she went to the hospital.  I told the EMT’s about the procedure I had just had and they told me I should stay home and get someone to pick her up in 3-4 hours.  I tried to sleep and did so for about 2-3 hours and then got up and went to get her.  I did bring a sweater but forgot the shoes so they gave Susan socks to go home in.  I’m sure they cost $200.

I drove with 2 feet so I wouldn’t strain the groin area and open the artery and got my honey home.  The funny thing was that the patient then became the nurse and we survived.  Just another normal day in the Melillo household!

The next Tues we got a call that we had to reschedule for Thursday since the wrong dose of radiation beads was sent.  We were not happy until we remembered that Thursday was the anniversary day of the Canonization of St. John Paul II and the birthday of his best friend Cardinal Dziwisz whom we have been honored to be with several times.  I think we were both relaxed on our way to the hospital.  The procedure took less than an hour and we were home for lunch. Praise God and thank you St. John Paul.

The Doctor was very happy with the procedure and gave us the all clear to go on our pilgrimage which will happen, God willing, on May 21st.  I have to go back in 3 months for a scan.   And the good news is I feel great, no side affects or any discomfort.  The bad news is my steroid prescription runs out today also Susan and I have to sleep in seperate rooms for 5 days and can’t even kiss goodnight so we fist bump. Real romantic!

We all know someone with cancer, so if you do and they would like to talk about it have them e-mail us and we would be happy to share all of Susan’s research and the procedures we went through.  Many times doctors don’t tell the patient they have options with this newer technology of today and it is a scary time when you get that diagnosis.  Our faith keeps us calm and we thank God for each day as it comes.  As someone said “no one is getting out of here alive”

Our 9th pilgrimage this year (33 days) will include our first week spent in Spain.  Sam, our kid from last year’s trip asked to go. Last year in the holy land changed him and we are happy to have him and he has met our friends we will again see at Prado Nuevo.  We will also venture into the mountains to Garabandal and 2 other shrines along the way.

From the Shrine at Prado Nuevo … Taken recently by our dear friend, Tony, at the Ash Tree Where Our Blessed Mother first appeared:.
From the Shrine at Prado Nuevo … Taken recently by our dear friend, Tony, at the Ash Tree Where Our Blessed Mother first appeared:.


Then it’s on to Poland for 25 days for Susan and I (Sam has to go home) and a typical road tour for us, a little less aggressive than past years, but with lots of beautiful places to go to and special friends to see.

As we requested before please send any prayer request you have as many have already done. The shrines we will visit are almost all known for miraculous events and healings over the years.   Just pray along with us as we go and have great faith in the Lord and Mary His Mother. Many prayers thru miracles have been answered on these journeys and as Fr. Scott said in his homily Sat morning: “Many miracles happen everyday around us, sometimes we realize it and other times we let them just pass by as chance or luck.”

>Hopefully you will start getting trip reports on May 21st and daily throughout the trip.  We love having all of you as company along with the angelic guard that seems to always be with us.  If you are a new and would like to read past trip reports you can go tothecatholictravelguide.com  Hit the BLOG button and scroll down to Tom and Sue Pilgrimages from past years.  They have covered and saved many of our trips through the years.

Well that’s it until we depart.  Again thank you for all your prayers and notes, they do work, and we will continue to pray for all of you daily.
Love Mary!  Our Blessed Mother.
She is loveable, faithful, constant.
She will never let herself be outdone in love,
but will ever remain supreme.
If you are in danger,
She will hasten to free you.
If you are troubled,
She will console you.
If you are sick,
She will bring you relief.
If you are in need,
She will help you.
She does not look to see
what kind of person you have been.
She simply comes to a heart
that wants to love her.
She comes quickly and opens her merciful heart to you,
embraces you and consoles you.
She will even be at hand to
accompany you on the trip to eternity.
_meditation of St. Gabriel Possenti


God Bless You Always,
Tom & Susan Melillo

E-Mail: TSMelillo13@aol.com


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