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New Zealanders Stranded in China with a newborn..need your prayers

Traveling when pregnant is usually just fine, but here is a story that has not worked out well and the family is asking for your prayers.  The couple and their newborn, who needs serious medical care, are still stranded in Shanghai. So far they are caught between a diplomatic tug of war and we ask you to pray for them.  The mother and father are from New Zealand and were en-route home when the baby was born in China during a stop-over just a few hours from home.

You can read the details in the article, but what is not mentioned is the fact that most of the Chinese doctors just wanted her to abort the baby since it was going to be born with health problems (this is China, so of course abortion is nothing to them, just another means of birth control).  Fortunately she had one doctor who was on her side, and was able to deliver the baby. but they need modern pre-natal care that will be available to them in New Zealand and is not available in China.  Our prayers are with them and we hope you will join us as we invoke the intercession of Saint Philomena.  

And also we want to caution anyone who is pregnant to avoid layovers that include countries that might be hostile to the unborn.  Certainly China is up there near the top of the list, although there are quite a few others as well.  

We are hoping to hear from the New Zealand authorities about their progress in helping their citizens.

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