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The Need for travel guides when traveling to new places


When traveling to a new place, you want to be sure to get the most from your experience.  This is where a travel guide becomes essential. Travel guides are available in various options. Traditionally, travel guides were available as guidebooks. They may include information regarding geographical location of sights, accommodation, transportation, maps, restaurants and activities. There are different kinds of guidebooks available focusing on various aspects according to the visitor’s personal needs, for example, from relaxation to adventure travel, or focusing on travelers with different incomes, or types of diet. Some guides also include information about economy, currency or historical and culture knowledge.

The traditional Frommer's travel guide
The traditional Frommer’s travel guide

In recent times, it was revealed that Google purchased the venerable “Frommer’s” travel guides, and soon thereafter it was announced that the book form publication of travel guide would be discontinued. The purchase was undoubtedly aimed at gaining the large numbers of social media followers that Frommer’s had amassed over the years, because later the rights to the travel guides were sold back to Arthur Frommer and are now published once again.  In this modern era of digitalization, the main source of information is internet and sites such as TheCatholicTravelGuide.com.

For starters, relying on websites alone is not enough…..and also time consuming. Therefore carrying a hand book is much easier comparatively then searching the internet for scattered information. It is therefore suggested that a traveler use a handbook and internet side by side.

A private tour guide is also another option for travel guidance, where a person provides assistance and information instead of a traveler having to use a book.

Benefits of a Local Travel Guide


Generally tour guides are recruited from within the local community. They have an excellent knowledge of the area’s history, traditions and culture, and offer up-to-date factual information while also answering any queries about the site/attraction. They make sure that the foreigner doesn’t feel out of place


It is very likely when travelling with a travel guide or tour guide, you can have access to things you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. For example, if you are traveling in Rome and desire to see the Vatican, you will have to wait for hours in a queue but with a guide you can save plenty of time. A local tour guide will also best understand the quickest ways to get around the area……just like you know how best to get around in your home town.

Local guides help tailor the experience to your requirements
Local guides help tailor the experience to your requirements

When thinking of tour guides a thought might pop up to one’s mind that a tour guide will offer standard tour packages. But what one might not know is that there are many private tour guides who will tailor the experience to include the sights and attraction according to your requirements instead of taking the standard tourist route. Hiring a private tour guide gives a traveler an individual experience adding a personalized touch while also avoiding the crowds. In addition, in most instances, the tour price includes discounted admission into the attractions as well as subway, bus, taxi and even boat fares – a fact that can counteract the cost of hiring a private travel guide to the budget traveler.

  1. Dealing with Problems

Travelers often have to deal with the problems of bureaucracy, such as obtaining permits for activities like fishing, climbing or camping. The language barrier is one of the biggest issues that can arise making this even more problematic. This is where a tour guide can be really helpful, as he can speak the language, has a better understanding of operation of local systems and is less likely to be cheated. The tour guide also can help to ensure that you are not conned by shopkeepers and taxi drivers, and acts as a deterrent to people who might otherwise hassle you, such as street vendors and beggars. Travelers might even have to think of visa problems, for example, the Dubai business visa has changed over the years and there is some confusion about how to go about applying for the visa. These problems can be overcome by Dubai Visa Services, as they simplify the procedure.


Professional tour guide are trained in first aid. They also have knowledge of weather conditions, terrain and aware of danger zones. These guides will help keep you safe when undertaking adventure activities such as mountain climbing, safari trips, scuba diving, trekking and whitewater rafting.



In developing countries like Egypt (and even some developed countries), many tour guides earn extra income through commission from other businesses, such as shops and restaurants. They might pursue the clients to purchase goods or services they do not really want. To avoid this it is also recommended to read a guidebook before the start of travel or access to the internet while you are on your tour.

  1. COST

Private tour guides can be expensive, particularly if yours is only a small group, as the cost usually is per day or trip, not per person. If you are traveling alone, it is more economical to purchase a good-quality guidebook and read as much information as possible about the site you are visiting beforehand.


In a nutshell, tour guides or travel guides can be really helpful while traveling to a new place, offering benefits and being cost effective. Keeping the above factors in mind, it is essential use internet, Smartphone, travel guide booklet and hiring a private tour guide side by side and not relying on any of these individually as each and every option has its own merits and demerits.


Editor’s note:  There are two things of which your should be aware when arranging for a local guide: 

1.  Be sure they are licensed, if that is a requirement.  For example, a tour guide in Rome who may be licensed for Italy, but not for the city of Rome, is can be shut down in the middle of your tour, and you will lose the tour and your money!

2.  It is important to find out if the guide is going to present things from a Catholic perspective.  For example, a visit to the Garden Tomb in Israel is interesting, but the Catholic Church recognizes the Church of the Holy Sepulchre as the actual burial place of Jesus.

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